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Second Anniversary of Book Release

Second Anniversary of My Book Release ‘Life After You’ Book at $8.99 – “It Stays with You,” A Reader Wrote.

Life After You, What Your Death from Drugs Leaves Behind

(Written on 11/14/16)

Today, November 14, marks the two-year anniversary of the release of my book, ‘Life After You, What Your Death from Drugs Leaves Behind.’ I am very proud to share feedback has been positive, and almost every day new readers reach out to share how they’ve been touched by the book’s words.

Many of you have written private messages and many of you have also shared wonderful reviews on my website or Facebook page.

One of the most powerful statements was how this book, “Stays with you” and how another reader was compelled to call his mother!

That was my intent, to engrain the messages into the minds of the readers.  My mission has always been to help just one person make better choices— and I have exceeded my initial goal.

Now I hope to reach every teen!

Buy the book and share it with everyone who has young teens and tweens.

In the near future, we will be launching a campaign to promote culture change, a call to action for kids by kids that will be partially funded by the proceeds from this book, as well as sponsors and private investors.

Visit my website for more information on the campaign, “Hey, What are you doing?”

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