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“Hey, what are you doing”? #HWAYD?

“Hey, what are you doing”?  #HWAYD?

Join, Participate and Share the Campaign for Youth to Combat the Drug Epidemic

You may have seen some posts and pictures on my website and FB page for my book, Life After You, What Your Death from Drugs Leaves Behind. You may be wondering what does this mean. What are Linda and Candesco Productions doing? Well, I am going to explain what we are doing and why.

You may think I am delusional, crazy or just have a gigantic set of brass ones.  I am. I do. But what the heck, nothing else is working.

I have nothing to lose and you, we will all have much to gain when this catches on.
So many of my Facebook friends who may have been affected by this epidemic of drug abuse became my friends when one month after we lost our son the letter that I posted went viral.

I see pictures of beautiful children and grandchildren shared daily. Young mothers with beautiful children and babies, proud grandparents sharing the joy of being a grandma or grandpa.  What I also see is alarming statistics of overdoses and deaths not just from heroin.  I see people and organizations working very hard to help those who need it.

Most important, I see that there is awareness but many people, unless affected, really don’t fully understand the significance of what is going on.  Remember, most addicts do not start with heroin and it is not just heroin that KILLS.  Kids of all ages and demographics are still buying and using drugs.

Think about what you did in high school or college.  Think about the babies and young children in your life. Do you want this for them? Do you want them to think its OK to experiment with deadly drugs or drink themselves into blackout oblivion?  Do you want to panic every time they leave the house? If you are the parent of a young teen right now, you should be very worried. The statistics are very scary.

It is a very different world now, so different from when you were a teen, even if it was only 8 years ago. It has changed.  I learned the hard way that we cannot rely on our parenting skills alone.  I thought I did everything right and it still happened to us.

“Hey, What are you doing?” This is the question every person should be asking and everyone should be ready to answer.  Think about it, this question can be applied to so many situations.

I think it is brilliant and wish I could take credit for it but I can’t, so I thank the creative force of Giovanna Aguilar (Candesco Productions) who has been working very hard to get this campaign off the ground.

This is a campaign that needs to go viral by kids themselves.  No parents, no teachers, no police.  Just kids talking to kids.
Through a multimedia communications plan that we have been creating, we will be giving youth a platform to run with the campaign to answer, “Hey, What are you doing?”

It’s about promoting creativity, innovation and how each one of us can help others combat the drug epidemic by sharing our stories and advice on how to have fun without crossing the line or without choosing drugs and alcohol or other self-destructive behavior.


Campaign Will Be Shared Across our Digital Social Media Platforms

As part of our public service announcements, this campaign will include: selfies and videos of answers to this question submitted by campaign participants, flash mob productions and written content, too.

Don’t ever start using potentially deadly substances, find your passion and help your friends who are going down the wrong path.

Ask yourselves, your friends and your teens, tweens and their friends this question:

“Hey, What Are You Doing?”

What are you doing to have fun with your friends without crossing the line?
What are you doing to pursue your passions?
What are you doing when you see a friend making bad choices?
What are you doing when someone you know has a family member in trouble?
What are you doing to combat this epidemic?
What are you doing to make the world a better place for everyone?

Are you judging others or ignoring this problem, thinking it won’t happen to you?    Are you hoping you can pursue something you are passionate about but are fearful about negative reactions or comments from your friends?

Interestingly, every young person we discussed this initiative with was very excited to join and participate in our campaign. They all want this but many more are needed to build and grow the movement for culture change.

It will just take a few key people to get this rolling, then the others will jump on.  No one wants to lose friends, get in trouble with the law or have deep regrets for the rest of their lives.

Parents, your children are not replaceable.  Trust me and trust every parent who has lost a child for any reason.  Something has to change and as quickly as possible. We need your help and we need your support.

Youth-Teens need to know that while best friends are replaceable, material possessions are replaceable. They are not!  Be the friend that doesn’t cross the line. Others will follow.

Even if you think you do not have any reason to pay attention to the messages out there, you do.  Unless there is a significant shift in the attitudes about what is cool when it comes to partying, this is not going to end and it just might be your kid.  Right now, things are getting worse instead of better.

Help us help your children, grandchildren and those who are yet to come.  Start by asking “Hey, What are you doing?”  Have an answer.  Encourage the people in your life to have an answer.

Want to get involved?  Reach out to us directly via email. We will connect with you to get you involved in the campaign to help combat the drug epidemic.

Do you want to be our Sponsor? Email us to request our sponsorship kit.


  1. I am in. KIM HAMILTON i would like a sponsorship kit

  2. Linda, this is a wonderful thing you are doing❣ I’d like to request your sponsorship kit.

  3. Brilliant I’m on board to spread this.

  4. Keep spreading the word Linda, so proud of you

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