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Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Life After You: What Your Death from Drugs Leaves behind

by Linda Lajterman

Here are some reviews of my book

“Finally, someone has tried to take the bull by the horns and gone on the offensive against the addiction epidemic,”

David Ray, Co-Founder of Cross Keys Retreat.

Life After You” challenges the decision-making process of at-risk drug users by having them think and feel-out a myriad of emotional and factual consequences of death. Lajterman offers advice for those struggling with either their own or a friend’s drug use or abuse. The human spirit’s drive for compassion is captured in her plea — let not another loved one die nor family suffer.

Gregory G. Lomuti, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Alcohol/Drug Counseling Emeritus Status

Linda Lajterman has created an incredible cautionary tale that might just save another family a tragic loss to an overdose death. In the midst of this American epidemic where we are losing our loved ones in record numbers, this book is literally a message to the grave without having to lose your life to receive it.

Michael Deleon, President, Steered Straight, Inc.

Linda Lajteman’s book is a mandatory read for all parents and for all school districts that are not too risk averse to use it.  Better to advise and admonish now, than to offer condolences.  We should never have to bury our children.

Law Enforcement executive
Los Angeles, California